#7347 Kuba/Shirvan Antique Caucasian Rug 4’0″ X 6’4″


Size: 4’0″ X 6’4″

(121 x 195 cm)

Age: 1st Half 19th century

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This first-half 19th-century Kuba/ Shirvan measures 4’0” X 6’4” (121 x 195 cm).  It has an ivory field divided into segmented diamonds set off by serrated blue edges each containing a flower form . It is encompassed with a very clear dark blue border (not navy) with a black embossed arabesque design separated with a very beautiful barber pole motif which is one to 2 inches long. This border is flanked with two large barber pole borders woven on a slant. The border closest to the field is a very dark terra-cotta and all four sides of it are different. This is  very rare and not often found in Caucasian rugs. The field motif is not the rarest of motifs but this has many asymmetric qualities and is very nicely designed. The coolest part of this rug, in my opinion, are the borders. The interior border, in my experience, is unique and the blue border with a lazy S motif in an embossed black is very beautifully drawn. I have never seen this little barber pole treatment. This rug is in very good condition. The ends and sides are complete. It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping which includes insurance of $75.00.