#7342 Antique Ningxia Meditation Mats 2’0″ X 3’8″


Size: 2’0″ x 3’8″
(60 x 115cm)

Age: 18th Century

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This 18th century pair of Ningxia meditation mats measure 2’0” x 3’8” (60 x 115cm). The connected  pair of meditation mats are quite lovely.  There is a mustard ground with a Greek key border in ivory and corner motifs very much resembling an arrow point ,which in the way it is worked comes across as  a 3D image seen from the top looking down.  This is a very nice touch and one I’m not familiar with.   The corners are worked in Chinese fretwork, the solid blue centers of which are interrupted with four Ts forming a swastika in the negative space.  The field motif has four ivory floral outlines with dark and light blue images next to them all surrounding an open square.  The top one is complete and the bottom is missing half of the outer border in the bottom and shows more wear. The buyer pays for shipping with insurance $35.