#7314 Antique Art Deco Chinese Rug 11’3” X 17’6”

Size: 11’3″ X 17’6″

Age: Circa 1930

Price on request


This circa 1930 Feti Chinese Art Deco rug measures 11’3” X 17’6”. It has a navy blue field with good luck calligraphy ‘Shou’ repeated four times in the field.  The opposite corners consist of a peacock imposed on a rockery vista.  Opposing corners consist of a six story pagoda beneath a weeping willow tree in a water feature.  The field is covered in urns containing flowering trees, bouquets, little piles of rocks with foliage, writing stands, butterflies, endless wheels, the conch shell, bamboo sprouts, and beribboned scrolls.  The minor border consists of various forms of archaic money.  The major border contains light sky blue cartouches on a medium blue ground with several different water motifs such as sailboats, hump back bridges, a peninsula of land containing trees. These are  interspersed with pairs of blossoms.  The colors are a light pink, puce, medium blue, navy blue, and sea foam green.  This is a very nice overall design.  This rug is in perfect condition.  It is clean and ready to go.  The buyer pays the shipping with insurance of $250.