#7261 Antique Mongolian Rug 6’5” x 9’4”


Size: 6’5″ X 9’4″
Age:Late 19th century

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This late 19th century antique Mongolian Oriental carpet measures 6’5” x 9’4” (198.12cm x 286.512cm). It has a very lovely design of three trees in three colors of blue growing out of a rockery serving as the shore of a water feature. Going up the field, which is in the color of old ivory, we find a pair of spotted cattle or possibly deer standing next to a pair of red crested cranes with brilliant orange legs. Proceeding further upward, there is a cloud motif with two small bats and a well drawn butterfly. As we get to the top of the rug, the two larger trees begin to branch out into very geometrically designed leafs done in triangles and cubes. The border motif is very unusual and quite lovely. The small minor border has a pearl motif on a deep blue ground. Going outward towards the edge, we next come to a blue reciprocal border which is absolutely beautifully drawn with a wonderful use of negative space. The major border is essentially a crosshatched snow flake design, that is if snowflakes had eight sides. This border is very ancient and sometimes found as a field motif in 17th century rugs. The outer border is a solid dark blue with a wonderful design of antique money and cartouches with Mongolian characters. I have never seen this represented in a Mongolian rug before. The rug is full pile. The ends and sides are complete. It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays shipping with insurance of $95.