#7256 Antique Ningxia Chinese Rug 12’3″ X 11’9″


Size: 12’3″ x 11’9″
(373 x 362 cm)

Age: pre 1850

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This pre 1850’s Ningxia Chinese rug measures a nearly square 12’3’ x 11’9” (374.9 x 362.71 cm). The field is the color of unsalted butter. It has a medallion composed of lotus blossoms in a kaleidoscopic layout in a shade of peachy pink. This motif is repeated in the field of the rug interspersed with butterflies. The corners are worked in yet another variation of the lotus motif. The field is encompassed by three very interesting borders. The inner border is a three colored pearl on a deep blue ground. The second border has a geometric flower form in a diamond motif. The complete diamond image is separated by two half diamonds. It is on a midnight blue ground. This is a very rare representation. I have only seen it in 18th century rugs. The major border repeats the color of the lotus in the field with the addition of ivory and a touch of sea green. This rug is in excellent condition.  And possibly 18thcentury. The ends and sides are complete. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance of $200.