#7223 Ottoman Metal Tapestry 3’0″ x 3’0″


Size: 3’0″ x 3’0″
Age: 19th Century

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#7223 Ottoman Tapestry

  This 19th century Ottoman   metal embroidery measures 3’ x 3’. There is a diamond inside of a square with a Tugra in the center.  The Tugra is made of gold in a lime colored circle.  The entire piece is composed of silver and gold, I believe.  It has not been tested.  This is a very interesting and complicated piece of work.  There are many instances of asymmetry in the drawing as evidenced by the interior corner work.  The metal is woven on hand spun cotton and covered with a vast amount of Turkish calligraphy.  I’m having trouble finding anyone to read the Tugra. The piece is in perfect condition.  The buyer pays for shipping with insurance of $25.00.