#7121 Antique Konya Turkish Rug 4’8″ x 12’10”

Size 4’8″ x 12’10”

(146 x 395 cm)

Age: Circa 1870

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This dated 1870 Konya Oriental Turkish rug measures 4’8” X 12’10”. It is to my eye one of the most beautiful Konya rugs I have ever seen. The motif consists of three panels.  One cherry red, one emerald green and one tomato red, each containing a large medallion.   The central ivory medallion is flanked by two sky-blue medallions.  The rug is dated in two places and the dates are visible in the green panel and the red panel.  These three panels are surrounded by an ivory border with a meandering S design.  The main border is that lovely Konya yellow with a mainly leaf and calyx and border which at times is turned and at other times becomes facing triangles.  There are more geometric motifs in the lower right corner.  The border is extremely well drawn and the manipulation of motif is extremely artistic.  Each end is made of wonderful lappets.  The top lappets are a variation of meandering S.  The bottom lappets, I cannot begin to put a name on.  This rug is unbelievably healthy with incredibly full pile.  This is a once in a lifetime chance to own a true example of nomad art. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance of $125.00.