#7080 Antique Peking Chinese Rug 14’0″ X 15’5″

Size: 14’0″ x 15’5″
(425 x 471 cm)

Age: Circa 1850

Price on Request


This circa 1860 antique Peking Chinese Oriental carpet rug measures 14’0” x 15’5” (425 x 471 cm). It has a navy blue ground with six flower wreaths containing an antlered dear.  There are three up each side.  There are two medallions composed of circling cranes whose tips of their outspread wings almost touch to form the circle, filled with what appeared to be flowering fruits stems.  The field is filled with an amazingly drawn cloud motif in ivory, lighter blue and a couple shades of light brown.  Between the upper and lower stag medallions and below the circling crane medallion is a beautifully drawn fantastic butterfly, one at each end, whose tail extensions morph into clouds.  The minor border is a meandering vine and flower motif on an ivory ground.  The major border is a paler blue than the field containing ivory swans or cranes.  This rug is woven with the finest possible wool that money can buy.  It has the look and feel of velvet.  There really is none better.  The condition of the rug is essentially perfect, with one or two places that are slightly low.  These low areas cannot be seen when looking over the rug but only when you look into it.  This rug can be described in words of one syllable.  It screams ‘I am to die for!’  In over 40 years in this business I truly have never seen anything even approaching this rug. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance of $225.