#6578 Senna Saddle Oriental Rug 3’6″ X 3’6″

Size: 3’6″ X 3’6″
Age: Mid 19th century
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This mid 19th century Senna Saddle Persian Oriental Rug measures 3’6” X 3’6”. It is the only red Senna Saddle I have ever seen. It is full pile and is essentially perfect. It has three large botehs in the field in green, blue and black and two small botehs in pale green. The field is surrounded by botehs, very finely drawn, in yellow, blue, pale green and red, all encompassed with a yellow major border with flower heads and meandering vine design separated with tiny shapes like crowns composed of three flower heads. This is surrounded with two reciprocal borders with a pale sky blue ground. The rug is complete. It is full pile and the finest Senna I have seen with a KPSI of 529. The buyer pays the shipping and insurance of $50.