#5983 Antique Peking Chinese Rug 9’2″ X 11’4″


Size: 9’2″ x 11’4″

Age: Circa 1900

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This circa 1900 Peking Chinese rug is covered with birds and more birds. It measures 9’2” x 11’4”. It is in beautiful mint condition. The light navy blue field representing sky and water has ducks swimming with many well drawn birds flying over. There is a large phoenix bird in the middle of the rug on a rock with another bird presenting it a flower in it’s beak. This is all encompassed with a crimson red border with flowering branches with pairs of blue birds sitting in them. This remarkable rug is 99.9% full and perfect pile with complete ends and sides. It is clean and ready to go.  The shipping charge to the buyer is $150.