1850’s Antique Peking Chinese Rug 6’4” X 8’10” #7888


Age: circa 1850

Size: 6’4” X 8’10” (195 x 272 cm)


This circa 1850 Antique Peking Chinese Rug measures 6’4” X 8’10” (195 x 272 cm). There is a type of rug that is very rare. It is called ‘The Six Horses of Emperor Wu’ and in that rug three of the horses are what is known as ghost horses. One doesn’t actually see the ghost horses unless one is actually looking for them; they are there. I am calling this rug ‘The Ghost Phoenix Birds of Emperor Wu’ because three of these phoenix birds are ghost birds. If you don’t specifically look for them in a studious manner; you cannot see them. But I promise you; they are there. The rug is basically done in two colors, blue and white with touches of very pale peach and some very light tobacco. The first minor border is 1 ½ inches wide in blue in the pearl motif of small white circles like pearls. The major border consists of a floral motif of white flowers with blue centers and leafs in two colors of blue. In the corners of the major border are three orbs. The outer minor border is a modified wave design with ivory and peach and two colors of blue. With a very good imagination, it could be seen as a bat in two colors of blue surfing the wave. This is a very interesting rug. It is 95% good pile. The low areas are photographed. The ends have had the fringe replaced. I don’t see why because the original ends are there. It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping which includes insurance of $95.00.