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Old Map of the Caucasus and Turkestan Rug Producing Regions:





The Story of Nichols Chinese Rugs A Simple Explanation of Ningxia Rugs  Article on Fette Chinese Rugs    Classic Designs in Chinese Rugs        Article on origins of Art Deco Chinese Rugs

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Click here for an interesting article on Suzani  by Elmira Gyul


Click here for a trip we took to Uzbekistan for Shopping Along the Silk Road in 2012



Click Here for Article and Photos of The World's Oldest Carpet. The Pazyryk Carpet




A Comprehensive Study of Saddle rugs from Ningxia, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, and Tibet from the 5th Century BC with 288 Full Color Plates in English And Chinese!

A 'Limited Edition Copy signed by the Author' of this 2 volume set is available through this link to the authors website.

Dragon and Horse By Drs. Koos de Jong, The Netherlands  (info @dragonandhorse.com)


A fabulous exploration of modern life in Kazakhstan as seen through the lens of photojournalist Wayne Eastep. Engaging copy and stunning photographs give you insight as to what life is like on the steppes and cities of Kazakhstan today.

See More: The Soul of Kazakhstan By Wayne Eastep




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