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#7692 Mahajaran Sarouk Rug

This circa 1910 antique Mahajaran Sarouk Persian rug measures 43 X 69 (131 x 210 cm). It is a full pile kork wool rug with a light red ground in an open motif. It has flowers and vines and what appears to be a water feature in all four corners of the field. The main border has a medley of flowers in reds, peaches, pale green and sky blue on a navy ground. It is encompassed by two sets of reciprocal minor borders which are both done in a variation of leaf and vine motif. One set is a medium red and one set is a variegated blue. The rug is exceptionally finely woven as is found in Mahajaran Sarouks. This rug is full pile. It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping which includes insurance of $80.00.


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