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#7644 Art Deco Chinese Rug

This 1922 Art Deco Chinese rug by Fette has a real Art Nouveau slant. It measures 40 X 60 (122 x 183 cm). The rug was sold new in China in 1922 and I have the original paperwork. The design of this rug is absolutely fantastic. It reminds one of a surrealistic dream. The bottom of this rug is a shoreline in gray and brown upon which is resting three rocks. Coming up from the right sides are two knarled and twisted trees rising up into the rose pink sky silhouetted against three mountain peaks in four shades of blue. The water feature of this rug is in 3-4 shades lighter than the sky indicating that the water is reflecting the sky. Over this water feature is a humpback bridge, black as coal. Through the arch of the bridge one can see a house. Up the left side of the rug coming from behind the bridge is a third knarled tree. The entire rug is surrounded by a border in the same color as the trees. It is in mint condition. It has never been on the floor! It is clean and ready to go. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance of $75.00.




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