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#7527 Bessarabian Kilim

This 1st half 20th century Bessarabian Kilim measures 70 X 103 (70 X 103). It has a yellow gold medallion with a Prussian blue border filled with a floral motif in brick red, two shades of green and some navy blue. The medallion is in the center of the brick red field with four large floral motifs in Prussian blue, pink, red and two or three shades of green encompassed by a minor border containing meandering flower and vine motif on an aubergine ground. The major border is a scrolling vine and flower motif on a brown ground. The rug is clean and ready to go. It is a very attractive piece of work. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance of $50.00.

Contact: Robert Mosby 941-925-1025